Soil, Stain and Scratch Resistant Technology For Glass

Unelko manufactures innovative cleaners, treatments and protective coatings designed to restore, enhance, preserve, and maintain glass and other hard surfaces. Unelko has mastered monomolecular, nano-scale glass protection that increases glass clarity and protects glass against the corrosive effects of the environment. Unelko pioneered the Invisible Shield® “Easy Clean” Coatings to preserve and protect glass and other surfaces to reduce the frequency and cost of cleaning. Their primary focus has been on the preservation and enhancement of residential and commercial glass.

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“Glass is the single most important building material known to man, and it must be protected.”

Invisible Shield® Protection

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Invisible Shield durably seals the microscopic pores of the surface to actively repel water, soil & stains for easy removal.

Water, Grime & Mineral Stains

Water, soil and stains stick to an untreated surface requiring harsh chemicals and abrasives for removal.

The Need to Preserve & Protect Glass Has Never Been More Evident!

The construction industry represents the majority of the annual production and is the most dominant end-use market for flat glass. There are billions of square feet of existing glass windows, facades and glass clad systems worldwide. While glass is beautiful, modern and energy efficient, it is not moisture, chemical or corrosion resistant!

The Problem: Glass Is Easily Stained, Damaged and Obscured

Commercial and residential glass is easily damaged by the environment and exposure to weather, pollution, acid rain, carbon emissions, sand, grit, chemicals, cement and aluminum run off. Its very nature is hydrophilic or water, moisture, soil and stain accepting. Its many irregular hills, peaks and valleys trap and hold moisture, pollution and other inorganic contaminants that build-up if not maintained on a regular basis. The chemically active build-up attacks and weakens the glass causing stains, pitting, etching and other permanent damage.

A majority of the existing glass worldwide has already been severely stained, damaged and obscured because it has been left unprotected. Cleaning unprotected glass has become necessary on a monthly or quarterly basis to prevent permanent stains and damage and it is incredibly time, labor and material intensive. Sometimes, there is no viable cost-effective method to restore it to its original condition, and the glass needs to be replaced.

The Solution:  Invisible Shield PRO 15 Glass Protection has Broad Applications for Glass Fabricators and Manufacturers!

Manufacturers of flat glass, windows and facades, walls, partitions, mirrors, shower doors and tile, windshields, marine and solar glass can now offer a better product by protecting the glass against harmful effects of the environment, degradation and corrosion to further enhance appearance and extend the life of glass.

Invisible Shield PRO 15 is a high performance, value driven product that durably protects glass for years of protection under the most extreme conditions.  It is a hydrophobic glass coating that molecularly bonds to all residential & architectural glass to make it remarkably water, soil, stain and corrosion resistant. It prevents permanent staining, fine scratches, pitting, etching and other damage that can permanently affect the condition, transparency and appearance of glass. It improves scratch resistance and applies an anti-corrosion barrier that is backed by a limited 15-year warranty.  It is safe on AR, laminated/insulated, decorative, solar glass, metals and aluminum. Invisible Shield has an unlimited shelf life and the coating has no negative impact with dominant structural adhesives including 795 Black, 983SGS Black and 791 Black by DowSil and comparative sealants.

Invisible Shield Pro 15 Family of Products


  • Lasting protection up to 15 years
  • UV, weather and abrasion resistant
  • Repels water, soil, minerals and contaminants
  • Makes glass 92.9% more scratch-resistant*
  • Prevents unsightly stains, scratches and deposits
  • Saves on work, repairs and replacements
  • Improves glass appearance and clarity
  • Makes cleaning faster, easier and more efficient
  • Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or abrasives
  • Saves time and labor, reducing cost of cleaning
  • Easily applied and easily renewed
  • Flexible – automated application in seconds

*Test data available

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Professional Applications and Certified Installers

Invisible Shield PRO 15 can be pre-applied to glass during manufacture or easily applied by professional contractors in the field to protect existing glass as a value-added preservation solution.  Applied properly, and with adequate periodic light maintenance, the Invisible Shield® Glass Coatings are warranted to protect exterior glass against re-soiling & corrosion for up to 10-15 years.  For more information, please refer to the Invisible Shield® Glass Coating Performance Warranty.   Unelko can offer product education and training with company personnel or local distributor/contractors.  Contact Us for more information.

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Invisible Shield Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass

Superior Repellency

Solar Panels

Invisible Shield Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted Glass

Invisible Shield Facades


Invisible Shield Shower Glass

Shower Glass

Invisible Shield Windows


Unelko Offers Efficient Microburst Glass Coating Machine & Semi-Manual Applications

Invisible Shield PRO 15 can be pre-applied to glass during manufacture or easily applied by professional contractors in the field to protect existing glass as a value-added preservation solution. To make it easier, cost effective and efficient for glass manufacturers to offer protected glass, Unelko has developed an advanced automated, in line spray application coating machine to apply the Invisible Shield PRO 15 protective coating. The New Invisible Shield Microburst is a state of the art, fully automatic glass coating machine capable of treating more than 1,000,000 square meters of glass per year (in a single shift).

Real World Performance & Global Projects Treated with Invisible Shield®

Unelko Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner

Repel® Glass & Surface Cleaner

It is not recommended to use any harsh chemicals or abrasives of any kind on protected glass. Unelko recommends the use of its famous, Repel® Glass & Surface Cleaner to clean and care for the glass protection overtime.

Glass Restoration for Existing Glass

Although a vast amount of the existing glass worldwide has already been permanently stained, etched, damaged or obscured, all is not lost! The Invisible Shield Coatings will stop the degradation and corrosion of existing, unprotected glass in the field. It can turn costly, hard to maintain glass into better looking, protected, easier to maintain glass.

Unelko manufactures a number of products to pre-clean and restore glass. The products are highly efficacious and provide an effective cleaning system to remove stains before applying the Invisible Shield protection.

Glass Scrub Water Spot & Stain Remover

Invisible Shield® Pre-Cleaning Solutions

If there is excess soil, scale or stubborn deposits on the glass, the Invisible Shield® Liquid Pre-Cleaner/Restorer or Glass Scrub® Water Spot & Stain Remover are recommended to pre clean the glass and remove any stains or deposits.

Invisible Shield® Liquid Pre-Cleaner/Restorer
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Tested Tough by Satisfied Customers and 3rd Party Testing Companies

Based on 3rd party tests conducted by international testing organization, Nanovea, that utilize ASTM standards, G99, D7027 and D7187, Unelko’s Invisible Shield Coatings are proven to be:

  • 23% more resistant to wear than uncoated or untreated glass
  • 92.9% more resistant to scratch penetration
  • 31.2% less stress on coated glass compared to uncoated due to greater resistance to scratch penetration

Contact Us to request DowSil silicone approvals, abrasion testing and more.