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The INVISIBLE SHIELD®PRO 15 Protective Glass Coating is a solvent-extended coating designed for the preservation, enhancement and preventive cleaning of glass used in architectural applications—both commercial and residential—including windows, building facades, glass entrances, walls and partitions, balustrades, shower enclosures, glass blocks and mirrors. It improves the natural characteristics of the glass without changing its physical appearance or transparency. Invisible Shield PRO 15 preserves and protects glass against excessive exposure to water, heat and high humidity that results in corrosion, which makes the glass appear dirty and stained. It makes the glass easier to maintain, improving the clarity and overall appearance of the product. Ultimately, Invisible Shield PRO 15 creates an anti-corrosion and scratch-resistant glass surface that adds longer life to the finished product.

INVISIBLE SHIELD PRO 15 has been manufactured to the highest standards and specifications. It is safe, easy to use, long lasting and storage stable. It should be handled and applied as directed on the product labels and data sheets, and/or Reach and GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheets.

Product Application: Prior to applying Invisible Shield PRO 15, the glass must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any existing dirt, grime, water spots, mineral deposits, or other stains. Be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry the entire glass surface to be treated to remove any excess soil, moisture, or residue from cleaner. Once the glass has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, follow these 3 easy steps to apply the Invisible Shield PRO 15 Protective Glass Coating:

(Step 1) Spray Invisible Shield PRO15 evenly and directly onto the glass surface using an air or airless operated fine mist sprayer, or apply the product to a clean soft cloth, microfiber towel or pad tool to distribute the product directly onto the surface using a firm, circular wiping (polishing) motion making sure to overlap the product for thorough coverage.

(Step 2) Allow the product to dry for 1-2 minutes, or until a slight haze has formed. For optimum protection and to ensure complete coverage, reapply the coating.

(Step 3) Polish the glass with a clean, dry soft cloth or microfiber towel or pad tool until crystal clear. To remove any excess haze, simply spray or rinse the glass with clean water and polish again.

Product Maintenance: The Invisible Shield PRO 15 Protective Glass Coating is extremely durable and will provide continuous protection under most conditions. Although the glass is protected against water, heat and high humidity, the glass is NOT self-cleaning. As with any anti-corrosive glass product or solution, the glass should be cleaned periodically. Windows and building facades should be cleaned on a routine, semi-annual or quarterly basis commensurate with the level of soiling and exposure to weather, dirt, sand, pollution, or environmental contaminants. Glass in shower enclosures and other interior applications should be lightly cleaned on a routine basis (weekly or monthly) using a traditional ammonia-free glass cleaner and commensurate with its use and exposure to dirt, grime, soap, minerals, or hard water. The Invisible Shield PRO15 GLASS COATING is unaffected by normal cleaning with non-abrasive soaps or detergents.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure the quality of your product.

1) DO NOT USE abrasive (gritty) cleaners of any type, such as but not limited to Soft Scrub®, Ajax® or Comet®. Regular use of a squeegee can also be abrasive and is not recommended, as it will accelerate the wear of the protective coating.

2) DO NOT USE acids, alkalis, or other strong chemicals on the protective coated glass surface.

3) DO NOT USE abrasive cleaning pads or brushes, scrappers, razor blades, or other sharp tools on the protected glass. While the protective coating makes the glass scratch-resistant, it is NOT scratch-proof.

4) ALWAYS USE a clean soft cloth, pad or paper towel to clean the glass.

5) ALWAYS USE compatible cleaning agents, such as a traditional ammonia-free glass cleaner or Repel® Glass & Surface Cleaner manufactured by Unelko Corporation.

Performance Warranty: Unelko warrants Invisible Shield PRO15 for 15 years from the date of application on interior and exterior applications. When applied and maintained as directed, the product will protect against visible corrosion on the protected glass surface, resisting corrosion resulting from excessive exposure to water, heat and high-humidity.

Product Warranty: Unelko warrants Invisible Shield PRO 15 to the original purchaser or end user, that when applied and maintained as directed, will perform as represented and claimed. This warranty is NOT transferable. The product warranty does not extend to or cover misapplication or misuse of the product, including the use of abrasive or harsh cleaners or application tools, excessive soiling from lack of proper cleaning or neglect; wear and tear of the surface resulting from prior damage and exposure to weathering or abrasion. Refer to the maintenance guidelines shared on this page.

If Invisible Shield PRO 15 fails to perform in the manner represented, Unelko will furnish new product necessary for reapplication to the area of glass applicable and only to REGISTERED ORIGINAL OWNER OR END USER. The Invisible Shield PRO 15 can be infinitely renewed if needed—depending upon use and excessive exposure, without removing the prior treatment, and without any risk of buildup. Invisible Shield PRO 15 will never crack, peel, discolor or develop build-up.

To activate this warranty, the original purchaser or end-user must register the product application directly with Unelko.

Statement/Exclusions: The expressed warranty set forth in this agreement is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including and without limitation to any other warranty of product fitness for a particular application and/or purpose. Unelko will not be liable or responsible for any damages or costs associated with the warranty, including any labor or equipment cost associated with re-application of the product by the original purchaser or end user as registered, for the intended application area.


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