The INVISIBLE SHIELD®PRO 15 Protective Glass Coating is a solvent-extended coating designed for the preservation, enhancement and preventive cleaning of glass used in—both commercial and residential applications—including windows, building facades, glass entrances, walls, partitions, balustrades, shower glass, glass block and mirrors.

Value Added Benefits:

  • Repels Water, Soil, Stains & Contaminates
  • Inhibits Etching, Pitting & Other Corrosion
  • Improves Scratch Resistance up to 92.9%
  • Improves Glass Appearance & Clarity
  • Makes Cleaning Easier & More Efficient
  • Eliminates Need To Use Harsh Chemicals and Abrasives
  • Reduces Repairs & Replacements
  • UV, Chemical & Weather Resistant
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty

Care Tips:

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure the quality of your product.

Protected glass should be cleaned/rinsed periodically to remove light soil, dust, oil, fingerprints and other film or debris that can accumulate over time. Invisible Shield® PRO 15 makes cleaning easier and less frequent. There is no such thing as “self-cleaning” glass. It is recommended that protected glass is cleaned on a weekly, semi-annual to annual basis, commensurate with the level of soiling and/or weather.

  1. DO NOT USE abrasive (gritty) cleaners of any type, such as but not limited to Soft Scrub®, Ajax®or Comet®. Daily squeegeeing is not recommended with your Invisible Shield treatment, as it can be abrasive to the coating overtime.
  2. DO NOT USE acids, alkalis, or other strong chemicals on the protective coated glass surface.
  3. DO NOT USE any harsh chemicals or abrasives including abrasive tools/scrapers of any kind on the protected glass as it can hurt the protective coating.
  4. ALWAYS USE a clean soft cloth, pad or paper towel to clean the glass.
  5. ALWAYS USE compatible cleaning agents, such as a traditional ammonia-free glass cleaner or REPEL® Glass & Surface Cleaner.

TIP: For protected shower glass, a light towel dry is recommended as needed in between use of REPEL or other low-surfactant cleaner.

Unelko Corporation recommends the use of its REPEL® Glass & Surface Cleaner or Invisible Shield® Glass Cleaners to clean and simultaneously refresh the glass protection overtime. To order, call: 1.800.528.3149 or buy online.  Also, Available on Amazon, The Home Depot & Lowes online.

Performance Warranty: Unelko warrants Invisible Shield PRO15 for 15 years from the date of application on interior and exterior applications. When applied and maintained as directed, the product will protect against visible corrosion on the protected glass surface, resisting corrosion – resulting from excessive exposure to water, heat and high-humidity.

Product Warranty: Unelko warrants Invisible Shield PRO 15 to the original purchaser or end user, that when applied and maintained as directed, will perform as represented and claimed. This warranty is NOT transferable. The product warranty does not extend to or cover misapplication or misuse of the product, including the use of abrasive or harsh cleaners or application tools, excessive soiling from lack of proper cleaning or neglect; wear and tear of the surface resulting from prior damage and exposure to weathering or abrasion. Refer to the maintenance guidelines shared on this page.

If Invisible Shield PRO 15 fails to perform in the manner represented, Unelko will furnish new product necessary for reapplication to the area of glass applicable and only to REGISTERED ORIGINAL OWNER OR END USER. The Invisible Shield PRO 15 can be infinitely renewed if needed—depending upon use and excessive exposure, without removing the prior treatment, and without any risk of buildup. Invisible Shield PRO 15 will never crack, peel, discolor or develop build-up.

Statement/Exclusions: The expressed warranty set forth in this agreement is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including and without limitation to any other warranty of product fitness for a particular application and/or purpose. Unelko will not be liable or responsible for any damages or costs associated with the warranty, including any labor or equipment cost associated with re-application of the product by the original purchaser or end user as registered, for the intended application area.


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