The INVISIBLE SHIELD®: Glass & Surface Coatings and High Performance Cleaners

The World’s Standard in Glass Protection, Maintenance and Corrosion Prevention For over 40 years – the professional choice in Lasting Protection, Easier Maintenance & Improved Appearance for Glass & other hard surfaces!

Tri-Functional Surface Care | For The Cleaning, Protection

Invisible Shield represents a major breakthrough in Glass Coating Technology.  It is a high performance, micron thin, nanoscale polymer coating that instantly and durably bonds to glass to make it better.  Invisible Shield protects glass with a lasting, monomolecular “barrier” coating that repels water, soil, stains, soap scum, rust & hard water mineral deposits for reduced soiling and staining, easier maintenance & improved appearance.  Whether you want to protect new glass or renovate older, worn glass, Invisible Shield is the answer for ‘Like new” “Easy Clean” Glass. Invisible Shield is tried and proven, and is backed by millions of professionals & consumers world-wide.   

Cleaning & Maintaining Glass Has Never Been So Easy.  Use Invisible Shield during construction or when renovating older buildings with stained or etched glass. Learn more about our Lifetime Performance Guarantee!









INVISIBLE SHIELD® is extremely durable, time & labor efficient.  It is unmatched in terms of ease of application, stability, shelf life and cost per sq. foot.  Invisible Shield resists soiling, staining, weathering, fine scratches, etching, water spots and mineral build-up.  It makes only periodic cleaning & maintenance of glass easier and less costly.

The Invisible Shield benefits:

  • Protects Glass Against Wear, Stains, Etching & Fine Scratches
  • Repels Water, Soil, Stains & Hard Minerals
  • Makes Cleaning Much Faster, Easier & Efficient
  • Eliminates Harsh Chemicals & Abrasives
  • Saves Work, Damage & Replacements
  • Easily Applied, Maintained & Renewed
  • Restores & Improves Appearance
  • UV, Chemical, Abrasion & Acid Rain Resistant

Questions & Answers

What Is Invisible Shield?
Invisible Shield is a highly reactive, ultra-thin polymer coating that was specifically designed to protect glass, porcelain & ceramics against wear and exposure and make them remarkably water, soil & stain repellent for easier cleaning and improved appearance.

What Does Invisible Shield Do?
Invisible Shield seals the microscopic pores of the surface and strengthens it by durably bonding to the surface. The long lasting “barrier” coating protects the surface from the elements and exposure to water, soil, grime, pollution, rust, soap scum, mineral deposits and other stains which are corrosive and can damage the surface. With a protected, Invisible Shield surface, you can easily wash, rinse or wipe off soil, grime & minerals without the use of harsh chemicals and abrasives that can also harm the surface.

How Is Invisible Shield Applied?
Invisible Shield is easily applied to glass just like a polish. It can be “wiped” or “sprayed” onto the surface and then polished or wiped clear to a brilliant shine. The coating was designed for the preservation, enhancement & preventive cleaning of all glass and will never crack, peel, build-up or discolor. It is 100% optically clear.

How Long Will Invisible Shield Last?
Invisible Shield is extremely durable and has a Lifetime Performance Guarantee. It will last for up to 10 years on most glass surfaces, but like all coatings or paints, durability is dependent upon the initial application, degree of exposure, maintenance and the ongoing abrasion subjected to the surface. Invisible Shield can be easily renewed without removing the prior coating to rejuvenate & refresh its Shielding & Protective benefits.

Do I Need To Prepare or Clean the Surface Before Application?
Other than cleaning the surface, there is no other prep work that needs to be done. Simply pre-clean and dry the surface to be protected.

What Do I Use to Pre-Clean the Surface?
Surfaces can be badly soiled or stained. We recommend using The Invisible Shield Lime Scale Remover or The Miracle Scrub Stain remover to pre-clean the surface before application of invisible Shield.

How do I Maintain an Invisible Shield Protected Surface?
Yes, you still need to periodically clean a protected surface although it is much easier. Unelko’s ongoing research & development has led to patented “dual- action” cleaners that simultaneously clean & shield the surface while cleaning. We recommend that you use our Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner to keep a protected surface ‘Like New” and simultaneously apply and refresh the water, soil & stain repellent “barrier” in one step!

Try our New Repel™ Glass & Surface Cleaner!  It is now easier than ever to keep glass & other surfaces sparkling clean, and like new!   It is great on shower doors, wall tile, sinks, tubs, mirrors, fixtures and counter tops.  Repel maintains a crystal clear, clean & sparkling appearance.

Invisible Shield’s nanoscale repellent finish keeps water, soil & stains on top of the surface without penetrating for easier next-time cleaning & improved appearance.


Unelko Corporation the manufacturers of Clean-X & Invisible Shield products is based in Scottsdale, AZ.  They have been manufacturing superior cleaners, treatments and protective coatings for over 40 years. Recognized as the world leader in Advanced Surface Care Technologies, they invented the first long lasting, renewable polymer coating for glass, porcelain & ceramic surfaces, and manufactured the world famous Rain-X® and Repcon products for Improved Visibility & Safety while driving or flying. 

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