Our History

Unelko-Glass-Surface-Image-Sealing-PoresUnelko Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of specialty cleaners, protective coatings and “antimicrobial” treatments for more than 40 years. The company began in 1971 in Chicago, Illinois when Howard Ohlhausen invented and patented one of the first “invisible” coatings for glass and a method for rendering nonporous surfaces water, soil and stain repellent and remarkably corrosion and scratch resistant.

Following Ohlhausen’s acclaimed invention and through his service and experience in the U.S. Airforce, he began to develop and market innovative products with his three sons as a family business. They developed and trademarked Repcon®, a rain repellent and surface conditioner for aircraft & military vehicles, and a product trademarked Rain-X®, a glass treatment & rain repellent that “Improved Visibility and Driving Safety” in inclement weather for all cars, trucks, busses and other forms of transportation, now sold world-wide.

Following the sale of its world-famous Rain-X® to Quaker State Corporation in 1998, Unelko did not rest on its laurels. They spent considerable time to research and develop a new generation of commercial & residential cleaners that offered improved durable protection and new breed of “antimicrobial” treatments for the preservation, enhancement and preventive cleaning of all glass, porcelain, ceramics, plastics, metals and other surfaces.

The products solve major cleaning and maintenance issues within the commercial glass, commercial/contract cleaning and facility management markets. The products offer long term surface protection for reduced soiling, preservation, easier cleaning and valuable “Anti-Corrosion” and “Antimicrobial” solutions for the broader commercial, institutional and household markets.

Unelko trademarked Invisible Shield® & Invisible Shield® PRO 15 Coatings, Interface® OEM, Sani-Shield® & Sani-Scrub® “Antimicrobials” and Repel® & Eliminate® Cleaners which respond to the ever changing commercial and end user needs and preferences today. Products that clean & protect surfaces for easier maintenance and less costly cleaning, reduced soiling and contamination, increased performance and improved surface hygiene.

Steven Ohlhausen became President of Unelko and has continued to grow the family business with his children in a modern 68,000 sq. ft. (6800 sq. meters) office, manufacturing and warehouse complex in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Looking To the Future

Unelko is devoted to offering its customers the best performing cleaning & protection products with value added benefits and service. Unelko takes pride in developing long term relationships with customers and is schooled in offering unique products that make a difference. A number of key employees have made Unelko their life-long career.