Lifetime Fitness

Invisible Shield Pro 15 improves overall glass appearance while reducing costs to clean glass. Companies like Lifetime Fitness are able to save money when investing in the beautiful glass buildings. Invisible Shield uses a complex formulation of polysiloxanes that form a nano scale monomolecular coating that durably protects glass. Unprotected glass will suffer from water, soil, grime, and mineral stains. Protected glass will be sealed to a point of completely repelling water, soil, and stains.

Unelko’s Invisible Shield was used to treat the exterior glass doors to protect against mineral buildup and soil. The interior clubs; all high touch surfaces in recreation, pool and equipment areas were cleaned, deodorized and protected with Unelko’s Sani-Shield 3 in 1 Antimicrobial Cleaner. The locker rooms were treated with Sani-Shield 3 in 1; on all high touch surfaces, counters, and steam areas to alleviate the growth of mold & mildew which was a tremendous problem for the fitness chain.

Project Year: 2018